No more pesticides, herbicides and runoff fertilizer on our underground waterways. What are most fertilizers? Phosphate! Phosphate is one of the most dangerous things we can introduce to water. It eliminates oxygen and promotes algae. Both kill all living animals and many native water plants. And the array of poisons in pesticides means that too is going directly into these shared water systems. As our population explodes we need to be stewards of this state and its resources we need to do what we can to help!

Another important issue, is that we are all currently trying to create and maintain non-native lawns and landscapes, that require more care, chemicals, and huge amounts of water because they are not native. St Augustine grass may be “designed” for hot weather, but the pests and heat and soil we have here are not a match and it takes a lot of resources to keep it nice if it can be kept at all in the nice conditions we want. So with Florida’s growing population and creation of more non-native landscapes requiring increasing amounts of fresh water to irrigate and increasing poisons, now is the time to join the Zeroscape revolution! Give your children a safe and abundant Florida to give to their children. And just think how much money you will save by not paying for chemicals, watering and maintenance, all while increasing the value, comfort, and beauty of your property.