The Artificial Turf Pet Dream Clean System: All our dog run pets artificial turf installation comes with ZeoFill and P-51 pre-installed. You can now get Zeofill and P-51 directly from us!

Envious Lawn is now offering our artificial turf pet services that we use in the most luxurious dog parks and homes.

The Two Products we offer are: ZeoFill and PE-51.


As an authorized dealer of ZeoFill, we offer an artificial turf ZeoFill refill service, where we come to you and apply the ZeoFill Infill products onto any artificial turf surface.

These products are used to maintain lush, fresh smelling turf without any abrasive chemicals.

No matter the use of your artificial lawn, ZeoFill and PE-51 are great products for any turf owner to use.

The ZeoFill Infill is made from 100% natural resources and is used to bring life back to the turf by fluffing up the blades and protecting it from sun/heat damage. ZeoFill Infill also prevents ammonia from forming and causing that awful urine smell.

PE-51 is the most powerful and safest synthetic turf cleaner and deodorizer for you and your animals. Using non-abrasive chemicals, a spritz of PE-51 will control the turfs odors while eliminating: fleas, bed bugs, lice, scabies, crabs, mite and other unwanted insects. This is a quick and easy application that will leave your turf looking and smelling as fresh as the day it was installed.


  • Save Water! Stores up to 80% of water
  • Self cooling because of it’s ability to reserve water
  • Safe enough to be around during application
  • Made from 100% natural resources that will not harm you, your pets or your plants.
  • Strongest Cleaner/Deodorizer/ Neutralizer- made and shipped with “live” enzymes

    ***ZeoFill enzymes are never turned into a powder for shipping, then turned back into a liquid form.***

ZeoFill offers safe infill products to protect and maintain artificial turf.